Saturday, May 5, 2012

Words of wisdom in 30 seconds

            The life is full of uncompleted goals. As we grow older, we manage to achieve some of them. Some people manage to balance their life and at the same time, some people go to the depths. But most of the times we fail to understand the most important things in our life and how to balance them. A successful person is who achieve their goals while keeping the balance of their life at the same time.

            In a very short speech made by the former CEO of Coca-Cola, Mr. Bryan Dyson, mentions the value of balancing and prioritizing the life with a simple example.

            Many people believe that their profession is the most important aspect of life. But it’s never the truth. It’s only the source of income. We hardly take a look at other four aspects of life. But they are what make who we are. As long as we possess good social well being and good mental well being, we’ll have a good life. The source of income is there only to invest on other four aspects. If we earn money and waste, you’re empty in all 5 major aspects of life. But if we make proper use of money and spend more time on other aspects, life will start to look wonderful…

~ Luke on Studz ~

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