Saturday, March 24, 2012

Use of QR Codes

          QR Code basically refers to Quick Response Code. It was invented in 1994 by an automotive company in Japan called Denso Wave which is a subsidiary of Toyota. At early stages the code system was used to identify vehicles in manufacturing process. But now it has gained the attention of many people. Even today in Sri Lanka, you’d see number of print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads, business cards and etc. using QR codes to provide information.

The main advantages of this system are,
  •        The ability to read the encrypted data faster than conventional bar codes.
  •        Larger capacity of data storage and better error correction.
  •        Wide spread use of smart phones which enhance the possible users up to a greater level
        At one stage, we fantasized people using their email address to introduce themselves to others. But the popularity and user friendliness of QR Codes could replace that idea in near future. People can let themselves known to those who are tech-known and get rid of lunatics with troublesome intentions.

          Even at a stage of emergency, it’s easy to use QR Codes instead of repeating the same message over and over again. 

Here are some examples of QR Code system:

Next time, you can use this QR Code to reach my blog

~ Luke on Studz ~

Friday, March 23, 2012

A personal statement

                We all have goals in our life. We follow them with our full effort but only few manage to reach the pinnacle of their dreams. We might not be on the top of world but somewhere in the middle. The truth is that it is where most of us are.

          One day you might see a good friend helping you which he/she neglected to do earlier and a stranger rejecting your request for a particular job which you’re barely capable of doing. That could be your dream job but the stranger identifies that you’re still not in a position to put the effort it requires. You would think “so what, a friend is helping you and a stranger is destroying your dreams“.

          The truth can be the opposite of what you thought. Your friend might ask for a bigger favor in return which you are not comfortable of doing… On the other hand, the stranger has helped you by identifying the true potential and guiding you. That person might have saved you from die hard work which you are not comfortable.

          What we should understand is there are no 100% white and 100% black people. Just because someone has been bad on you doesn’t mean that we should treat them in the same manner. Treat everyone with same friendly gesture.


          Everybody face difficult times in their life. Spare some time to help the people around you. Embrace their goodwill and neglect bad gestures.

~ Luke on Studz ~

Stumble-up-on your cyber space

I got a very simple question for you... How many of you are addicted to Facebook? You will not admit at first but think a minute. Is it your home page?? Or is it the first bookmark in your bookmarks toolbar? If you admit now, don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one.

          Today I’m going to give you few tips on what to do other than facebooking. Have you heard the site called If the answer is no, then search immediately. For someone who has a less idea on how to use internet in a more useful manner, this is the best place to start.

          It will take roughly about 5 minutes for you to register in the web site. Type your email address, account name, password and you’re ready to stumble-up-on your cyber space.

          Before you start, you can spend a little more time and add your interests to the account. This will help you to find details quickly.

          Here are some of the cool websites I came across thanks to StumbleUpon.

  • The miniature Earth


~ Luke on Studz ~