Monday, April 2, 2012

Do teachers ruin creativity??

 From the very first moment we inhale the first breath, until the moment we exhale the last breath, we learn. There is nobody who learned everything in this world. Even the religious leaders failed to do so. But they guided followers in a path which is more suitable and avoided unnecessary areas.
          In today’s world there are teachers to teach us. But the question is whether they ruin our creativity or not. There are good teachers and of course bad teachers. We can’t expect any good from the latter ones. But do those highly qualified, well planned teachers affect the way we think?

          My personal believe is that they are only guiders. No one is capable of teaching a subject from A to Z. They only start building up from where they are supposed. That’s why sometimes we feel clueless because we haven’t got the best out of previous time. And also they only give us the “knowledge”. The application of that knowledge is up to us. Either we use it for a good purpose, destructive purpose or simply not use it is our decision.

          How come guiders ruin our creativity? Unless you’re trying to do every single thing as the way the teacher did, you must have experienced different applications of theories. A teacher won’t make you a photocopy machine instead a bull and make you work harder and harder.

To be continued…

~ Luke on Studz ~