Saturday, May 5, 2012

Water crisis and bottled-water generation (part 1)

The human has been greedy for resources to rule the rest of others, ever since they start to stand up with two feet on the earth. And the whole world is shaped into a system where people either gather to the place that possess such power and resources or gather them with peace or by force. It’s no surprise that today world is also running after such resources to overpower other. But the surprising factor is; now we are focused on a resource which is the prime life source of human and the whole planet, water. Does that mean we human are at the brink of extinction to be in a place to safe-guard water as some urge us??

            Maybe yes, it’s true. We are at danger of losing the only place where we can live. For many reasons, we can accept it but why WATER only now? In last decades people were in need of crude oil more than ever. In every aspect of life, it was useful for human. But slowly but surely, the focus is now shifting towards water. Don’t be surprised in near future if you come across with sanctuaries specially dedicated for water fountains. And also, all the ‘big-shots’ in world map starting to reach developing countries with the face of helping them.

            The water has been free, even before the days of single-celled creatures. But today, it’s been priced, labelled to be pure and safer than fountain water. There might be a question in your mind, how did the world come to this stage? It’s all because of global economy. In last decades, soft drinks manufacturing companies identified that the sales volume of soft drinks is going to reach a point where it will settle continue to keep unchanged. They wanted to come up with a solution to tackle this. And the solution was, selling water with some fabrication..!!

~ Luke on Studz ~

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