Saturday, May 19, 2012

Social relationships

            We live in a society with high diversity. Many religions, many cultures and many social values adds considerable amount of influence into our lives. But we all have our own preferences. We like to look at sights which are pleasing to our eyes and talk with people with good sense of humour. Here is an exercise which is focused on revealing the type of social relationships we expect. What we have to do is select the most appropriate word from three words given in relation to the group name. I have already highlighted my answers.


            Dog represent how you like others to see you. It’s 100% correct. I always wanted to be the type of person whit lot of friends and whom they can trust. The second group, sea, shows the type of friends you like to have. Well, what I had in my mind was a sea with frequent tides, like a surfer’s paradise in Hawaii. It’s not that I dislike people with rough personalities. But I like people with free and relaxed mind who are willing to have fun at any given opportunity. 

            Whenever we see a horse, the first thing that comes to mind is their flying gallops and the strong physique. That’s why I selected strong in third group which represent our ethics. That’s true indeed. Sometimes we have to take shortcuts to reach our goals if there are any barriers ahead. It doesn’t mean I prefer to be unethical all the time. But the world is not that kind to allow us to accomplish whatever we want. We can’t let other factors stop us from reaching them. If we want something we should dream about it, work towards it and grab it before celebrating.

            The last group, coffee, suggests the type of relationship we are expecting. Yes, normal is the most appropriate answer. Not into either depths, a simple life with happiness.

~ Luke on Studz ~

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