Friday, May 18, 2012

Team role test results

            In last 6 months, I had the chance to work in 3 different teams. Each team was unique, different people, different goals and different atmosphere. At the same time, I played totally different roles in all those occasions. So it’s time to find out who I really am and what I expect from the team.

            According to this test, I come under leader’s role. I always prefer to be a collaborative leader. But at the same time, when others are not performing their task properly, I tend to do it by myself. I always want to see the target being achieved some way or the other. So it clearly shows the type of personality in me.

            This test has categorized me into the role of a driver. It’s kind of same result with the last test. So there is no surprise for me being put into the driver’s role.

            These test results have projected an accurate team role player in me. But I wish if I could improve on communicative skills. Sometimes I tend to speak fast. But over the time I managed to lower the speed. I hope that in near future I’d be an even better speaker.

~ Luke on Studz ~

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