Saturday, May 5, 2012

Water crisis and bottled-water generation (part 2)

It’s really interesting the way how they managed to sell water bottled to us. First they scared us. They used all types of advertisements to tell that their bottler water is safer than tap water. Then they seduced us with fascinating pictures in bottle labels and advertisements. But the truth is they never took water from fountains or lakes with surrounding lush green fields and mountains with snow peaks. Then they secured us whenever an incident of water poisoning took place that bottled water will save us from such diseases. In fact, the reason behind polluted water was also those companies who dumped their waste into water.

            There is another side of this topic. While we spend millions of dollars in producing bottled water, there are millions of people without even access to clean water. And also statistics say that more people lose their life due to water related diseases than any war claims through guns. The question is, do we really have to spend so much on bottled water when some parts of the world finds it difficult to meet day-to-day needs. A spare of thought for everyone who feels it’s the trend to use bottles water.

            So here we are, drinking bottled water and hoping that we’ll not get infected. It’s a vicious cycle that most fail to understand. The free tap water poured into us with a price attached, polluting free spring water while producing, giving a helping hand to countries which are yet to be used and also gaining brand awareness by urging the world to save water…


~ Luke on Studz ~

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